Debunking Myths About Sex Toys

 Sex toys are becoming more and more popular and yet there is still a lot of myths around them. A lot of people are hush hush about sex toys, but more and more people are opening up about them. We are here to debunk a couple myths about sex toys.
Myth #1 Sex toys are just for single people
A lot of people use sex toys for solo play but that doesn’t mean they are only for solo use. One of the most popular sex toys sold is cock rings which works great for both members. Sex toys can be used to spice up your sex life and make it different.
Myth #2 Sex toys are bad for sex lives
Its the opposite! People who use sex toys experience more levels of desire+ orgasms. It does not affect the odds of enjoying sex with another person.
Myth #3 No benefits from sex toys
This is also a lie a 75% of women do not orgasm during sex and 10-15% of women do not orgasm ever but sex toys increase the chance of orgasms. Having orgasms reduces stress and depression. Happy sex life help leads to a happy life.
Myth #4 There’s an age limit for toys
This is quite the opposite as your sex life does not end after kids or the age of 40. There are plenty of toys designed for an older population.
Myth #5 Butt plugs are for people who like anal sex.
Butt plugs come in a variety of sizes and are used a lot of the time in preparing for anal sex as they help your anus expand. You can use it as a slow and very gradual tool to prepare themselves for the first time.
Myth #6 Not everyone will find a sex toy that works for them
No matter what you are into or what your kink is we believe that there is a sex toy for everyone. From movie themed sex toys to different looking sex toys there is something out there for you.
Sex toys are an amazing item that helps benefit your sex life and brings joy so make sure you treat yourself and have some fun!




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