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Sexercise Kegel Wand Training Set in Purple

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Here's the beauty of pelvic floor exercises, or Kegels, as they're better known - yes, they'll help tighten up your grip, assist with bladder control, improve blood circulation and can even make climaxing easier, but the very act of flexing your pelvic floor feels pretty darn good all on its own. Awareness of your vagina and what it can do is sexy! Speaking of sexy, the Kegel Wand from Shots Sexercise collection was created to do double duty as both a kegel toning aid and a powerful pleasure tool. Win/win!
Tech meets some very thoughtful design elements in the futuristic Wand. Up top, silky purple silicone is swollen into a smooth sphere and lots of gradually widening length waits below. Now, you could absolutely skip the kegel workout and go straight for inner or outer stimulation by hitting the vibration button on the Wand itself OR the included remote 'watch'. There are 10 vibe modes to choose from, from 3 steady to seven pulsing rhythms. Let's take a closer look at that remote, shall we? In matching purple silicone, it's completely discreet and super-comfortable - there's also nothing at all to distinguish it from a fitness bracelet or everyday watch unless you look at the screen! A glance at it during play or Kegels to see the vibration mode, the pressure of your inner grip, or a handy little trainer app. the training app brings us to the second function of the Sexercise - the workout! 

To do a kegel, you'll need to flex your inner vaginal muscles as if you were trying to stop mid-pee. The Wand's shape works great as a kegel tool because of the big sphere up top -  your muscles will be able to grip and release it easily. The remote will tell you how tightly you're squeezing in kPa measurements. You don't need to know what kPa stands for (it's kilo Pascal), just that it's a measurement of pressure. The higher the number, the tighter your grip. See how high you can get  (max is 19.99) before resting and repeating for an easy kegel strengthening session. Hit the H button on the remote to scroll through 3 screen views, from vibration mode to pressure or visuals for the trainer app. You'll be able to do your workout with or without vibration, whichever you prefer, or, as we said above, you can enjoy targeted body-wide vibration with no training required. A detailed user guide is included, packed with tips and tricks for a successful (and sex-essful) session. Fully rechargeable via USB, both the remote and the Wand power-up courtesy of an included cord. Please note that each will need to be charged separately.

  • ultra body safe hypoallergenic silicone
  • Always choose a great water-based lubricant to use in combination, but silicone lubes should be avoided, same goes for contact with other silicone toys and products. 
  • Fully waterproof.