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Doc Johnson

Stinger Electro-Play Wand

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 Dominating play scenes with crackling drama that can't be ignored, The Stinger Wand from Kink pairs a classic cattle prod design with shocking electricity. Sizzling and popping between the slightly forked tip, one intensity of battery-powered electro stimulation activates with a push button. Place the tip against a playmate's skin for a stinging zap of sensation plus a visible spark, or just crack it to earn immediate attention and obedience. The Stinger won't leave behind any visible effects and is suitable for all levels of the e-stim experience.

  • Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). 
  • Not for use in water.* 
  • approximately 15" (38cm) in length
  • Moderate Sting
  • Simple Push-Button Operation
  • Creates Mildly Painful or Tickling Sensations
  • Loud Crackling Sound and Visible Spark
  • Stimulates Multiple Senses
  • Non-Conductive Rubber Grip
  • Leaves No Visible Effects
  • Suitable for New and Experienced E-Stim Players